Lemonade – Diver (True Panther / Matador Records)


The Brooklyn based trio’s 2010 EP ‘Pure Moods’ was a schizophrenic brand of alternative dance with Caribbean and Calypso influences bearing similarity to ‘Vampire Weekend’ minus the guitars.

The band’s new full-length album, ‘Diver’ sees Lemonade take on a whole new identity. Gone are the crazy rhythms and funky grooves, ‘Diver’ is awash with Juno synths, warm pads, reverberated vocals, boy-band melodies and Alesis SR-16 electronic beats.

Sounding very much like an 80’s movie soundtrack, ‘Diver’ is a nostalgic blend of ‘Junior Boys’ and the dreamier parts of ‘Friendly Fires’ 2011 album ‘Pala’, combined with a heavy dose of UK 2 step garage, 90’s R&B and a pinch of ‘LCD Sound System’ for good measure.

‘Ice Water’ is the album’s anthem and is one of the dancier songs on the record. Complete with old school dance beats, plonky 90’s style rave keys and one hell of a catchy chorus, ‘Ice Water’ is a perfect slice of pop.

‘Vivid’ is another stand out number; a moodier and darker track with ‘Beach House’ like qualities with its warm pads and breathy vocal melodies. As with all the material on ‘Diver’, ‘Vivid’ is simply begging to be remixed.

The album’s vibe is consistent throughout and although the later and less hooky songs tend to get lost in the atmosphere, ‘Diver’ is a solid, chill out soundtrack for the summer.